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Saint John's Program for Real Change

Who We Are

Our Mission is to unleash the potential of mother's in crisis to improve thier quality of life and enrich the lives of their families.

What We Do

Based on more than a quarter-century’s worth of experience, we know mothers need far more than just shelter, clothing and food to become independent and truly self-sustaining. They need real love so that they can start to love themselves. At Saint John’s, they get plenty of it, and so much more.
By providing mental health services, GED tutoring and testing, career education, children’s programs, and transportation to families living in our shelter or supportive housing programs, success becomes far more achievable. Plus, with on-the-job training through Plates Café and Catering, Plates Midtown, and First Steps Child Development Center, mothers become empowered and fully prepared to embark on that path towards independence and true success.
In 2007, Saint John’s was 80% reliant on government funding. Today, government contributions account for less than 30% of our funding. That’s largely because of corporations, foundations, and individuals – much like you. And we’re eternally grateful for that. Your contributions help over 1,000 women and children kick poverty and abuse to the curb every year. Every cent and every second you give can be just what someone needs to change their life. Tools for Real Change.
The Fight Begins with you.