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Last year, Suicide Prevention crisis line volunteers responded to over 4,900 calls from individuals struggling with issues of depression, anxiety, bullying, and thoughts of suicide.

For 50 years, trained volunteers have responded 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to these needs through our Suicide Prevention crisis lines.

We are reaching out to you for your financial assistance to help us support our critical and life-saving services. As a donor, we want you to be assured of the impact that your tax-deductible donation will have:

$30 will provide crisis line cards and materials to adolescents in three classrooms.

$50 will provide necessary supplies to volunteers who are staffing the 24-hour crisis lines.

$75 will provide crisis line training manuals for three volunteers.

$100 will provide a suicide loss survivor support meeting.

$500 will provide licensed mental health professionals to teach our volunteer trainees during the 36-hours of classroom instruction.

$1,000 will provide crisis line phone services for an entire month.

$1,500 will provide our “SOS Signs of Suicide®” class presentations for a month to middle and high school students in Davis, Esparto, Madison, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland, and Yolo communities.

Our future holds many challenges and we hope that you will consider our request by making a donation to help us continue our work. Thank you for your support and for being #Happy2Help!


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