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Challenger Flight Assistant

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Are you constantly looking at the starts, dreaming of space exploration? Do you want to help inspire children to be astronauts, researchers, and scientists? The Powerhouse Science Center is looking for you to join our Challenger program as a Flight Assistant. As a Flight Assistant you help our Flight Directors take elementary-aged students on the adventure of a lifetime as the crew of a space mission. Working in Mission Control or in the Space Shuttle, you advise and assist the students in their jobs, helping your group successfully complete their mission and return to Earth safely!
- Must be aged 21
- Available for shifts during the work week, either in the morning or afternoon
- Willingness to work some weekends and evenings
- Willingness to work with visitors of all ages and backgrounds
- Personal or professional background in astronomy, physics, or science education is desired, but not required
- Ability to follow instructions from Flight Directors
- Ability to be flexible and creative when necessary


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